The Show



The Dutch Championship of the “Nederlandse Bond van Vogelliefhebbers” have been years held in Apeldoorn. The familiar “Americahal” had to be demolished because of a new project. So forced we had to move to the “IJsselhallen” in Zwolle. A well-known location, well-known of the “Zwolsche” bird market two times a year.

Were the former show in Apeldoorn was built on automatism, we were faced with new unexpected challenges and changings. Fortunately we could continue to appeal to many volunteers. Of course there are people who first wanted to wait and see how things are arranged in the new location. Up to now we received positive reactions. We are going to try to change the small issue which didn’t work as perfect as we wanted.

Looking back to a good and fine Dutch Championship we are looking forward with positive feelings to a nice and great Mondial 2019. We already started with preparations after the assignment of the Mondial 2019 by the COM Comity. On our path to this event we are shure that we have to make modifications and changing in planes. The inspiration and intentions are there to make Mondial 2019 to a great success and off course we also need therefor all our volunteers.

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