1Where can I find the Sections and classes O.M.J./C.O.M.
This is already online on the Mondial 2019 site, but at the moment only available in French and English. Breeders from foreign-speaking countries turned their best to their own organisation with regard to a translation.
2How do I register as a member of the NBvV?
The NBvV has placed the breeders data of its members in the COM system in accordance with the EU privacy guidelines. These members get access to the registration system by creating log-in data. This is done in much the same way as we are used to our own Championships. In the nearby future we will set up a helpdesk for questions. Breeders who have just become member of our organization can gain access to the registration system by creating an account.
3Which rings can I use?
A Dutch submitter may only send in birds with rings issued by organizations/federations affiliated to the COM. The registration system allows you to enter more of your personal breeding numbers from another COM organization/federation of which you are a member.
4What does participation cost?
Participation in the Mondial costs € 13 per bird for foreign participants and € 13,50 for participants of the NBvV, PS and BEC. The 50 cent extra is storage for COM-NL to be able to form a reserve for the next Mondials. In this way, part of the transport of the birds will be paid in the future.
5In which cages do I have to submit?
The demand program lists the different types of cages. The cages that are going to be used are now displayed on the site (see: forms> Information cages). Dutch breeders have to send in some birds (as shown on the site) in their own wooden cages. For foreign breeders the same cages will be available and ready on the day the birds will be caged.
6How do I register birds as a member of Dutch BEC or PS?
Members of the BEC and PS will be informed by their own organization about the registration method.
7How do I register as a non-Dutch person?
Registration for host countries takes place as it did in other years. Please, consult your own organization/federation.
8How does bringing in the Dutch birds work?
This will be practically similar according to the regular system in the Dutch Championship. There is one difference, breeders from the Netherlands do not receive their documents at home as usual, but receive the documents at the time of deliverance of the birds. We have three places where birds can be brought in. The singing canaries via the entrance highway "A28" site, color and posture canaries, exotics, hybrids and small parakeets through the "Main Entrance" (standing in front of the building) and the European culture birds and the large parakeets through the side door of the "Dieze Hall" (right-hand side). In these places, you must report with the birds, after which you will receive a serial number. You can then wait at your ease (in the restaurant) until your number is called. This is to prevent a jam in front of the doors. This is different from what we are used to do at our National show. A tip is to bring the birds into transport cages. This does not apply to all birds. Birds that are shown in their own wooden cages according to the demand program do not need to be transferred to other cages. The issuing of birds closes at 16:00 sharp. THIS LIMIT IS FINAL.
9How do I buy an entry ticket as a non-contributor?
It will be possible to obtain entry tickets via e-ticketing, both for visitors from the Netherlands and from some other countries. It is also possible for groups to arrange this in one go. Keep an eye on the site where a link will soon be placed. Owners of E-tickets may use a "fast lane" at the entrance.
10How do I, as a Dutch contributor, receive my entry ticket?
Participants from the Netherlands receive their E-ticket when they are bringing in the competition birds. This is redeemable at the cash desk on the left side of the hall for a wristband during the opening days. Participants who registered more than three birds have free access for two days. This includes the day of the last day of the show, when birds have to picked-up again. The participants may also use the "fast lane".
11How do I receive my entry ticket as a foreign member?
Gathering an entry ticket as a participant from a host country is separate from the visitors. On signs on the façade of the hall you can see where you have to be for this entry tickets. Please, be aware. It saves you a lot of time. An identity card is required for the issuance of an entry ticket.
12How does the entrance work for staff members, commercial exhibitors and convoyeurs?
Employees and exhibitors report at the side of the IJsselhal (near the "A28" entrance). There they get a wristband. There is no need to stand in line. Convoyeurs will have a badge and can enter via the "A28" entrance.
13What does Parking cost?
Participation in the Mondial entitles you to two free parking tickets on the parking-area of the hall. This is only during bringing in the birds to participate and on the day that birds have to be picked-up on the last day. Parking tickets are issued after showing proof of participation and proof of identity. During the opening days there is no free parking, except for staff and employees.
14Where do I buy a Catalog?
The sale of catalogs takes place in the hall and not at the cash registers. In two places there are sales outlets where you can buy a catalog. This is nearby the entry, but also in the NBvV stand in the competition hall.
15How do I get my Catalog and judging sheets?
Participants do not receive their already paid catalog at the entrée, as the Dutch are used to during our own show, but in the AA hall where the competition birds are exposed. Around 40 country stands have been set in the show hall. You can collect your catalog, certificate of participation and judging sheets against submission of your participation at the stand of your own country.
16How do I get my Prizes won?
The prizes won can be collected in the same way as mentioned under FAQ 15.
17How does it work after the show when birds will be given back to their owners?
For the Dutch it will be as usual. Everyone will be accompanied by a staff member who will place the birds together with you in your own transport cages. We are asking patience and respect to let this going well and smoothly.
18How can I offer birds for sale as an NBVV member?
Members of the NBvV are given the opportunity to offer birds for sale. Through the registration system of the NBvV you can offer two birds per cage for sale. Ten percent of the sales price expires to the NBvV and each provider pays a fixed amount of 5 euros in administrative costs. For Dutch members there is no need to be participant of this Mondial 2019. The registration of sales birds is therefore completely separate from the registration of competition birds. The sales space is situated in “De Meerhal” and has limited space, a limit of 20 cages per member, and full is full (up to 3000 cages). Bringing in these birds van be done via the "Main Entrance" and then straight to “De Meerhal”.
19How do I get a sales catalog?
The sales birds of NBvV members are mentioned in a special online sales catalog and can be consulted at home via the site.
20How can I, as a commercial provider, offer my birds for sale?
During COM competitions, it is common for commercial providers, often from abroad, to set up their own sales stand. In Zwolle this is also possible by renting a stand in “De IJsselhal”. This sale is separate from the sale as the NBvV organizes this for its members. The rules relating to animal welfare also apply to all these providers. The website contains examples of what is and is not allowed. During the entire show, strict supervision will be held by supervisors (Surveillanten) of the NBvV. Violators are removed from the hall when there is no improvement after warning. Individuals or associations that want to offer birds themselves can also rent a stand. Trade and transfer of birds is prohibited outside the hall. This is also monitored continuously. The police will be called in case of violations.
21How do I get a document “proof of transfer”?
In the hall a special counter has been set up where such a document can be obtained. The new owner often needs this because of local regulations to be able to import the bird in his/her homeland. This document is an official one and costs 5 euros.
22How many convoyeurs does the Mondial 2019 organization allow?
The Mondial 2019 organization will only bear the costs of the number of convoyeurs that are officially permitted according to the regulations in accordance with COM regulations. Help convoyeurs and others will have to pay for their accommodation and costs themselves. There are no exceptions. Outside the official convoyeurs no one has access to the exhibition hall, except when the birds will be caged after arrival.