Commercial bird sales

Commercial bird sales

A separate sales department for members of the “Nederlandse Bond van Vogelliefhebbers” (NBvV) will be available. This separate sales department will be organized under supervision of the organization and is not available for non-members of the NBvV.

Commercial stands
Reservations can be made by contacting commercial department of the Mondial (see site information). Information concerning space (incl. costs & extra cages) can be provided after contact and unconditional agreement with NBvV rules, concerning bird sales and housing circumstances of the birds.

Given rules should be strictly followed and are as follows:

Universal Cage:

  1. Up to 2 (two) birds are allowed in a universal cage (to the size of a Canary /Agapornis).
  2. Bigger birds up to 2 (two) birds in a P3 cage, provided with enough perches, feed tray/bowl and a sufficient water supply system.

Other Cages which are allowed:

  1. Transport crate/transportation box (see example) which is divided in two compartments up to 10 (ten) birds (to size of Canary /Agapornis).This crates/boxes should be provided with enough perches (obligated). Also enough feed trays or bowls and water supply.
  2. Crates or boxes with bigger sizes are allowed if existing birds relatively have enough space and same circumstances as mentioned before (perches, water and food).
  3. Birds larger then size of Canary/Agapornis, are allowed up to 2 birds in above mentioned crate of boxes. This crates/boxes should also be provided with enough perches (obligated) and sufficient feed trays or bowls and water supply.


  1. Participants always have to consult the organization for finally approval in case of larger birds.
  2. Neglecting given rules will resume in removal of the sales department, without refund of registration fees.
  3. The organization always has the final decision in case of questionable circumstances.

Additional cages are for rent, including cages for larger parakeets.


Standaard Space (3 meters), incl. 150 cages € 980,-
Additional space per meter (incl. 25 cages pm) €  250,-
Extra cages € 2,50 each (buy, cardboard)